Thursday, March 11, 2010

MacCutcheon Scotch

I am a huge follower of Lost. If you are also a fan of the show you might remember a reference to MacCutcheon in a few episodes. It was first introduced when Desmond met Charles Widmore to ask for his daughter's hand in marrage. Widmore pours himself a dram and says that one pour is worth more than Desmond will make in a month. He continues on to say that Desmond will never turn into anything. Sayid drank some at a bar and it was only $120 a glass, suggesting that Widmore does not value Desmond much. While on the island Desmond is offered some by Charlie when he raids Sawyers stash and cannot refuse to finally have some after his potential father in law would not offer him a pour.

MacCutcheon is too closely named to Macallen to think this was unintentional. This makes sense since it is the single malt with the greatest name recognition. It is a nice detail for a great show. Lost avoids product placement at all cost so it is not surprising that they created an original brand instead of using Macallen.

The one in the picture is 60 years old. I know of no scotch that sells a 60 year bottling, since there is a point that after a certain point the scotch becomes too woody, usually after 35 years or so, which ruins the flavor. I assume this was done for dramatic affect.

I would expect another MacCutcheon reference before the season ends.

For more information on MacCutcheon please see the excellent Lostpedia entry:

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